Dr. Divya Vashisht

Chief Executive Officer


Ph.D- Utrecht University, The Netherlands

M.Sc (Biotechnology)- Pondicherry Central University, India

Finishing-up early studies from Delhi University in B.Sc Botany (Hons), she joined Pondicherry Central University for Masters in Biotechnology. For her doctorate research, she joined Utrecht University, The Netherlands and studied the genomic response of Arabidopsis to multiple stress conditions under the guidance of Prof. Rens Voesenk. During her Ph.D research, under Prof. Julia Bailey-Serres she undertook bioinformatics training for the analysis of profiled transcriptome at University of California, Riverside. Subsequently, she joined Gregor Mendel Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, Vienna, Austria for post-doctoral research. Her project aimed to elucidate the role of microRNA in embryo development.


In 2018, she worked at Genewiz, U.S.A as Next Generation Sequencing marketing manager. Prior to joining National Genomics Core- CFDF, she worked at Gurugram State University as Adjunct Associate Professor in Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Life Sciences.

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Book Chapter

van Veen H, Vashisht D, Voesenek LACJ, Sasidharan R (2014). Different Survival Strategies Amongst Plants to Cope with Underwater Conditions. Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants (pp. 329-349). Springer Vienna.