National Genomics Core

National Genomics Core has been established by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India to provide high end genomic solutions and as a full-service provider for the research needs of academic institutes and industry.

We aim to provide a robust platform for skill development in genomics and utilization of high-throughput technologies to solve Life Science challenges, thus developing genomics applications to ensure social and health benefits for All.

Our Mission

To provide futuristic genomic solutions for the advancement of life sciences

Our Vision

To become most preferred launch pad for next level genomic revolution

Our Commitment

Offer superior services to convert great ideas into milestones discoveries

Nation’s Sequencing Platforms for your projects

Illumina NextSeq 2000 : realize true potential of your data

Illumina MiSeq FGx : to accelerate forensic science

Oxford Nanopore GridION : real time, long read , high fidelity sequencing

Sophisticated Computational Infrastructure to analyze your data

High processing servers with 500 GB RAM, Cluster Technology

Data Storage of more than 20TB

Network bandwidth speed of 120 Gbps

Systematic and customized bioinformatics pipelines